Seth Godin is a best-selling author, world famous blogger and the father of the permission- based marketing movement. He began marketing products at the age of thirteen, but didn't make a big splash until high school when he started selling ice cream sandwiches to other students. He founded Yoyodyne, one of the first marketing companies to focus on online marketing, and eventually sold it to Yahoo for big money. After writing a series of best-selling marketing books, he is now widely regarded as the master of modern marketing philosophy. When he's not writing books, Godin entertains audiences as a public speaker, writes a tremendously successful blog and runs a user-generated recommendation website called Squidoo.

Seth believes that in our modern age we have so many choices for information and entertainment that advertising should no longer be forced on anyone. Instead, smart marketers must get permission to advertise to people, and present them with honest representations of the product. He argues that things like Spam and junk mail will not only be ignored, but make consumers resent the product.

In this new age, the best way to advertise a product is to create a product so remarkable that people will talk about it. Seth refers to these products as purple cows. In other words, there are lots of action figures of movie stars, but the idea of making an action figure of a marketer is surprising and different enough that people will talk about it.

At least we hope so.

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