VandalEyes Googly Eyes Starter Kit
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  • All you need to start vandaleyesing
  • 1 giant pair & 2 emergency tins
  • Meets most humans' googly demands
  • Perfect for visual arts projects (get it?)
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The (googly) eyes have it

Sticking googly eyes on things is the perfect way to add personality to dull surroundings. Thankfully, the internet gave us a name for this phenomenon: behold, vandaleyesing! Begin your eye-opening journey down the path of googly eyes fanaticism with this Vandaleyes Instant Googly Eyes Starter Kit. It contains two stylish, portable tins of stick-on Emergency Googly Eyes and one pair of Giant Googly Eyes for your larger vandaleyesing endeavors. Just search #vandaleyes on Twitter or visit the official VandalEyes website; your imagination-cup will runneth over with possible uses for these stick-on ocular wonders. Now you can give an apple with googly eyes to the apple of your eye, if you feel like it.